Newhaven Fish & Flake Ice Society Ltd

Fuel Supplies Newhaven

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Fuel deliveries are available 24 hrs per day 7 days per week, we have a fixed pump that delivers 100 litres per minute and has an extended hose that will allow for 2 or 3 vessels to be on the fuel berth at any time.  We can supply vessels of up to 24 mtrs on our fuel berth or for larger vessels we can arrange deliveries direct to the vessel at a rate of up to 850 litres per minute.

The Gas Oil we supply is ULSGO (Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil) which is basically EN590 with a red dye.

There is no Bio in this so is better for you as you are near water.  So there is less chance of anything nasty growing in your tank.

Call David Guy on 07980 591631 to arrange delivery of Gas Oil.

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Deliveries of Gas Oil 24 hours a day 7 Days a week

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We offer Gas Oil deliveries to both members and non-members at excellent rates, we offer chiller or cold room space (when available) we supply water, electricity, ice berthing to members and non-members also at excellent rates.

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Fishermen's Support

We are a not for priofit organisation that provide facilities and services to fishermen from Newhaven and many other ports including other EU countries fishermen.

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Quality of the Catch

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The Society can make 10 tonnes of fresh water ice each day when required; this allows the fishermen to take ice to sea to ensure the catch is landed in prime top quality condition.